Meet Dr. Brenton Matulka

As a dentist, I have the opportunity to help each person in my chair. Oral health is closely tied to body wellness, and the appearance of a smile can impact a person’s self-esteem. I want the best for each patient I have the honor to treat: health, happiness, and a smile they love to share!

I especially enjoy working with people who have dental-related anxiety. In listening to their worries, I learn what they need to overcome the fears. As we work together, I help individuals learn that today’s dentistry is comfortable and they have nothing to worry about. Earning a person’s trust helps them feel safe and empowers them to take better care of their health.

Whether I am getting someone out of pain, restoring function, brightening a smile, or providing education, my focus is always on the person and what is best for them.” – Dr. Matulka

Education and Continuing Education

Dr. Matulka attended Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine in Arizona, where he was awarded his Doctorate of Dental Medicine (DMD). Dental school provided Dr. Matulka with a solid foundational understanding of oral health, including diagnosis, treatment planning, and methodologies.

Dentistry, though, like all areas of healthcare, is a constantly changing field. A lifelong learner, Dr. Matulka seeks opportunities to further develop his knowledge, skills, and the services he provides.

Through meetings, seminars, lectures, and online courses, Dr. Matulka learns from leading practitioners in oral healthcare. He also keeps abreast of trends and research through dental journals and other publications. By studying and evaluating new techniques, materials, and technologies, Dr. Matulka is able to incorporate proven options into his patients’ care.

Personal Life

When he’s not seeing patients, or reading about the latest developments in dental care, Dr. Matulka values time with family and friends. He enjoys fishing with his father, working in the garden, and watching Husker football – Go Big Red!

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